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The precast manufacturing plant in Bromborough specialises in the manufacture of custom refractory shapes.  With more than 30 years experience in forming, mixing, casting, curing and drying precast refractory shapes, ANH offers the capability to design and manufacture the exact size and shape required for your application.

Our precast shapes are designed around our refractory castables which are manufactured on site.  Our capabilities are backed by the most advanced refractory technology in the industry.

Our on-site precast facility utilises the latest technology in the production of all blocks.  We can manufacture quantities from specialist one off shapes to large batch production.

We also manufacture Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composites (F.R.C.C) shapes for a variety of applications.  Our services include computer aided design to clients requirements, full Q.A control, mould manufacture, mixing, casting, curing and dryout in our in-house dryer.

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Mixing Platform Pre-Cast Facility Pre-Cast Drier
Filter Box Funace "Sharks Tooth" Assembly Combustor Insert
F.R.C.C Nose Ring F.R.C.C Sill Blocks F.R.C.C Impellers
Launder Channels F.R.C.C Jamb Blocks F.R.C.C Launders

Mixing Platform

Pre-Cast Facility

Pre-Cast Drier

Launder Channels - Versaflow Thermax AL Adtech

Filter Box Funace


"Sharks Tooth" Assembly - Greencast 94

Combustor Insert - Ultra Green SR

F.R.C.C Jamb Blocks


F.R.C.C Nose Ring

Aluminium - F.R.C.C Sill Blocks

Aluminium - F.R.C.C Impellers

Aluminium - F.R.C.C Launder


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