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Copper Production

ANH Refractories Group manufactures and supplies a full line of refractories to support the most demanding copper industry applications.  We specially engineer products to meet the specific lining demands of primary smelting, anode, and secondary copper furnaces as well as copper converters.

Refractory solutions are available from our US operation in a variety leading brick and castable formulations that combat high temperatures and the erosive and corrosive effects of slag.  In primary smelting vessels, the use of direct-bonded chrome-magnesite refractories like NARMAG HNF 27 and NARMAG HNF 31 are used.  Anode furnaces require the use of low porosity, low silica refractories like NARMAG FG.  Areas that are difficult to brick in these furnaces often use alumina-chrome monolithic refractories like phosphate bonded JADEPAK 88P or other castables which are available from the UK (see below)

In the UK we manufacture a range of Silicon Carbide & Vitrified Silica monolithics of which some have been successfully used in the Copper Industry. (Highlighted in orange)

Silicon Carbide Materials

Product SiC% Al2O3 % Comments
Greenpak 60 SiC 60.5 18.5 Air Bonded
Greenpak 80 SiC 80.6 7.9 Airbonded
Eclipse 70P Adtech 70 20 Phosbonded
Thor AZSP Adtech 5 53 +21% ZrO2
Versaflow 70 CU Adetch 15 69 Copper Industry
D-Cast XZR 25 Castable 25 65 Copper Furnace Linings
Harmix CU 15 70 C.I. Induction Furnaces
Thor 30 Adtech 30 35 Vib / Shotcrete
Thor 60 Adtech 60 23 Vib / Shotcrete
Greentec S60 60 30 Free Flow
Greentec S70 63 21 Copper Industry
Versaflow Harbide 80 81 6 Copper Industry
Thor 30 G Adtech 30 38  
Greentec S65G 62 10  
Narcogun SIC 80 AR 80 14  


Chrome Ramming Mix & Vitreous/Fused Silica Materials

Ramming Mix  Cr2O3%  Al2O3 %  
Jadepak 88P 8.5 88 Copper Industry
Virteous/Fused SILICA SiO2 % Al2O3 %  
Visil ES Castable 70 24 C.I. Inductor Boxes
Fusil Castable 820 I 66 28 C.I. Launders


Ferro Alloys

ANH have a variety of monolithic products suitable for the production of Ferro Alloys.

Our most successful application has been with the supply of precast/prefired blocks with life times of 12 months plus.

These blocks were manufactured in a FIBER REINFORCED CERAMIC COMPOSITE. (FRCC)





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